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Antique Christening Robes

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Special outfits for boys or girls for their baptism

Many christening robes take on the same traditional style, and you canít get much more traditional than opting for an antique robe. Antique Christening robes can actually be available at very reasonable prices, and some of which may date back to the 1800s. Antique christening robes may contain white work embroidery, feather stitching and pin tucks, and itís these traditional techniques that still exist today. Thereís no doubt that a traditional gown, dress or romper can be an extremely classy outfit, but an antique christening robe is perhaps on a different level, and many can be found in perfect condition.

If you want a truly traditional christening then consider an antique christening robe, because it may just provide that truly unique and classy style that lives long in the memory, for you and your guests.

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